Precollinear Park

Precollinear Park. The park with river leanings in the heart of Turin

A dismissed tramway bed transformed into an urban linear park: a new space open to the community.

From abandoned infrastructure to park in the making

In June 2020, right after the first lockdown, Torino Stratosferica invested part of its own resources to carry out its first placemaking initiative, transforming an abandoned strip of land, once a section of the overground line 3, into a temporary urban park. During the course of the initial months, the space was enriched by the first elements of urban furniture, that are still central today for the community’s everyday use of the area. During the summer and autumn, the park hosted numerous cultural and leisure activities, becoming a space of creativity and sharing — open to all.

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The “down to earth” High Line

Precollinear Park stretches for 800-metres: starting from the central corridor of the Regina Margherita bridge, the “green line” runs all the way to Hermada squadre, ascending the tree-lined avenue of corso Gabetti. The park unites four bordering districts: Borgo Po, Madonna del Pilone, Vanchiglia and Vanchiglietta. A High Line-style walk, but firmly down to earth — as the Turiners like it.

Precollinear Park has been awarded by IGPDecaux and Edison the Segnali d’Italia prize in 2021, recognized as a best practice in community engagement and urban regeneration in Turin.

In 2022, the Park is also among the 52 finalists of the New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022, having passed a selection of over 1100 applications. The project has been praised for the transformation of public space for the benefit of the community, and it was considered in the category “Regaining a sense of belonging”.

The only bridge with a park

From ponte Regina Margherita, one of six bridges over the river Po, visitors can always enjoy the breeze and the spectacular open views of the Alps, the Basilica di Superga, the hills and a striking sunset over the Po. Torino Stratosferica has placed a bright yellow reconditioned shipping container on the far end of the bridge which serves as an info point and a bar during events. The bridge also currently houses “Visioni da Torino Stratosferica”, an exhibition displaying 40 visionary images focused on the future of the city and its spaces. The exhibition is open to everyone: anyday, anytime and absolutely free.

The Park Volunteers and the cultural events

Precollinear Park is getting ready for a new season of events, and together with the upkeep of the green area, the Torino Stratosferica team is adding new infrastructural and decor elements on a weekly basis. Starting from June 2020, many local residents and citizens from every age bracket have enthusiastically taken part in the days of care and upkeep of Precollinear Park, every Saturday morning.

This is why Torino Stratosferica gave birth to the official team of Park Volunteers: more than sixty people that every week dedicate some of their free time to make sure that this unique public space is kept clean and tidy.

Join our team of volunteers, it’s easy! Write us an e-mail at info@torinostratosferica.it 

The birth of Precollinear is the result of a collective effort. If we’ve been able to start living again this magnificent green space together is thanks to the many volunteers involved (credit also to Open House Torino) and to the generous contribution of hundreds of donors. We still need help though. The upkeep of the park and the organisation of the cultural activities require a helping hand from all those who support the project: even a small contribution can make a difference. Make your contribution to the Park with a donation!

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Project by Torino Stratosferica, carried out thanks to a municipal concession (regolamento anti-degrado n.389).