A collective project of city imaging to build a powerful narrative through images, which enhances the potential of the city and its international positioning.

Torino Stratosferica = Torino at its best

How is the city of our dreams? Torino Stratosferica is an independent initiative that aims at creating the best possible image of the city, flying high and looking ahead. An ambitious collective vision, fuelled by the ideas of several representatives from the local creative industry.

Three days of inspiration – city makers from all over the world

Utopian Hours is the first international festival of city making in Italy. The sixth edition will be held from 14th to 16th October 2022 at Centrale di Nuvola Lavazza, with even more guests and exhibitions scheduled.

Torino Stratosferica launches a new PhD program in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino/DAD.

City Imaging. A new process to create visions, narratives and images for the development of the city.
PhD in City Design
Program in Architecture. History and Project

City imaging

The city is a mental weapon.

When we think of a city, we automatically have an image in our mind. How much does this image correspond to reality?

Torino Stratosferica is an innovative city imaging project, a collective experiment aiming at creating and promoting the best image of Turin. If we could change the city, what would we do? What would we like Turin to look like in the future?

The method

Visions, places and projects…

The Torino Stratosferica method is based on the encounter between disciplines: branding, communication, architecture, social innovation, city making.

The vision is never missing. Since 2014 until today, through collective visioning sessions and subsequent editing work, Torino Stratosferica has proposed numerous ideas and visions for a Turin at its maximum potential – from the most provocative intuitions to concrete proposals for intervention in various places throughout the city.

5 Anni
10 Visioning session
200+ Creativi coinvolti
120+ Idee
7 years
12 visioning session
400+ creatives and entrepreneurs involved
200+ ideas and proposals


Bathing water. With 12 skyscrapers across a large sundial. Without Gran Madre. The Visions from Torino Stratosferica transform the ideas by the creatives involved in Torino Stratosferica into new and powerful images, thanks to the work of several architectur practices.


There is life on water

Torino Stratosferica is the city of the four rivers. Water is an essential theme in the city’s ideal positioning. Together with Matteo Pericoli, we have imagined various interventions to live more of the Po the river banks, inspired by the best projects we see abroad.


City branding, city marketing. Over time Torino Stratosferica has defined shared values and distinctive claims, defining an original, ambitious positioning based on its DNA, the pride of its citizens, and international competition.

Our film about city making

Twenty-one city makers and city dreamers from different countries, in twenty-one places in Turin. To each, a question about the life and future of cities. Torino Stratosferica brings together the voices and ideas of the protagonists of Utopian Hours 2018 in a short film.

Turin seen by the Visiting Urban Explorer

Torino Stratosferica has created an original urban residence project: a foreign city expert is invited to the city for 4 days, to visit it independently and discover its identity. On the fifth day he/she takes the floor at the festival, to tell us his/her ideas for a better Turin.

Lauren Elkin, New York/Parigi (2017)

Darran Anderson, Londra (2017)

Ricarda Messner, Berlino (2017)

Timo Hämäläinen, Helsinki (2018)

Valerie Kunster, Rotterdam (2018)

Frederico Duarte, Lisbona (2018)

Michelle Senayah, Toronto (2019)

Renaud Charles, Parigi (2019)

Jorick Beijer, Amsterdam (2019)

Effetto Piemonte! (The Piedmont effect!)

From the city to the region. In 2019 Torino Stratosferica combines research and vision for a book on the creative, cultural and tourist future of Piedmont. In collaboration with Hangar Piemonte and DMO Piemonte Marketing.

Torino Stratosferica is a non-profit cultural association.

It started off as a variation on the theme – in front of Torino Strategica, an organisation in charge of the city’s 3rd strategic plan, to imagine a more visionary Torino Stratosferica. The experiment starts in 2014 with the first meetings. In 2016 Torino Stratosferica becomes an association aiming at strengthening and developing the project.