Effetto Piemonte is a project based on research and a vision which looks to the future, by reflecting on the region’s positioning – on a competitive level and in the common imagination.


The project, curated by the cultural association Torino Stratosferica, is the result of collaboration with Hangar Piemonte and DMO Piemonte Marketing. The shared objective is to extend Torino Stratosferica’s experimental method to the entire territory, in order to offer a synthetic and prospective image of the region, by launching new creative stimuli for the cultural and tourist enterprise.


The course involved over sixty protagonists from the cultural, creative and productive world from various areas of Piedmont, through visioning group sessions and individual interviews. The material collected gave life to a publication of a 100 pages full of imagination, ideas, stories, projects and provocations, symbols and visual experimentation.

Inside contents and reflections on different dimensions ranging from Piedmont’s creativity story and symbols, visions of future scenarios through concrete and utopian ideas, an experiment in regional branding with the proposal of seven values for positioning for the region.


The book’s creative direction, visual and graphic design by Bellissimo