An experiment of city imaging


What is #Torinostratosferica


In the beginning there was the brand.

A vision, a logo for the city.

Then a variation on the theme, the tease, the new name.

Torinostratosferica. It works, let’s use it.


Then the experiment: imagine the city how we would like it to be.

At its best, at its most beautiful.

Play it up, go out on a limb.

A brave and generous city imaging project.


On February 15 and March 8, 2014, the first two brainstorming sessions.

40 architects, designers, graphic designers, publishers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and culture workers. Building the city of our dreams is part of our work.

The city goes to the takers.

The city is a mental weapon.

Took part in the meetings of Feb/15 and Mar/8, 2014:


Alessandro Cimenti / Alvise De Sanctis / Andrea Veglia / Annalisa Russo / Barbara Villanova /

Carlo Boccazzi Varotto / Carlotta Petracci / Caterina Tiazzoldi / Ciro Cattuto / Daniele Druella /

Edoardo Bergamin / Edoardo Monaco / Enrico Sola / Eugenio Dragoni / Fabio Moccagatta / Francesco Salinas / Giacomo Biraghi / Giorgio Gianotto / Giovanni de Niederhäusern / Juan Carlos De Martin / Luca Ballarini /

Luca Morena / Lucia Rota / Marianna Martino / Maria De Ambrogio / Matteo Pericoli / Michele Cafarelli / Nick Taglia /

Paolo Patrito / Salvatore Perri / Subhash Mukerjee / Timothy Heys Cerchio / Valentina Margaria / Vladimir Soto

Values emerged


Accessibility / affordable city / assertiveness / ambition / audacity / baby-friendliness / beauty / listening ability /

connected with the word / self-awareness / contemporary disposition / courage / bodily expression (a city you experience with your body) /

creativity / culture / vitality / willingness / distinction / diversity / ecology / administrative efficiency / happiness / fertility /

reliability / folly / generosity / genius / justice / green thinking / inclusivity / meeting / innovation / lightness /

freedom / wonder / meritocracy / metropolitan zest / opportunities / pleasure / cleanliness / quality / revelation / sustainability /

experimentation / urban spirituality / unruliness / talent (capacity to attract talent) / technology connected with the territory /

speed / habitability.

  • The city of four rivers

    Rivers to swim in / Trampolines and floating pools on the Po river / Access to the eight riverbanks (Po, Dora, Stura, Sangone rivers) / Gardening school in Basse di Stura / Camping at Parco Michelotti / Bike routes along all the riverbanks / An international competition to design water-responsive structures in Murazzi / New bridges and walkways / Living on water

  • The affordable contemporary city

    The city of habitable artistic installations / Historic and industrial archives to discover /

    Sound installations in all urban parks / The Post-Industrial Dance Floor: OGR

    and “Le Nuove” prison /  Pescarito, the most innovative clubbing hub in Europe / City of high culture in the low places / Ramones Square: a new toponomy to leverage tourism

  • Inhabiting the avant-garde

    Areas of free building experimentation / New Social Housing solutions / Small lots in which everyone can build the home they desire / Container freedom / Abolition of zoning /

    The museum of pervasive incompleteness / Twelve skyscrapers for a large urban meridian

Torino Stratosferica was born in November of 2013 as a tongue-in-cheek variation of the logo proposed by Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini for Torino Strategica, the association in charge of the city’s third strategic plan.

With such alluring logo and name, it would have been a waste not to fill with ideas this new watchword: #Torinostratosferica.

From here the determination to create a brand —much more than a logo— and define its personality, values, and positioning.

On February 15 and March 8 2014 Luca Ballarini gathered in his atelier an assorted assembly of 40 friends and representatives of Turin’s creative industry, to take part in two experimental brainstorming sessions on the theme of Imagining the City. A self-production, with no clients and no deadlines. Those who chose to participate did so generously, sharing with the rest their passion for the city.

  • In praise of willfull folly

    The city that celebrates outsider icons / An equestrian monument to

    Nietzsche / A monument to Laura & Aldous Huxley / Museum of Folly in the former Collegno mental institution / More free hot-air balloons

  • The city of models

    Rediscover the industrial roots / Beta City / The city of knowledge workers and working nomads /

    Boosted interaction between the physical city and digital media / First Italian city to appoint a

    Chief Digital Officer / Research centre on the independent vehicle / Mirafiori hi-tech hub / Incubators of art technology businesses / A city mindful of finance and investors / A marketing office dedicated to internationalize local innovation

Starting from the Torino Stratosferica = Torino at its best hypothesis, we worked with the objective of going as close as possible to imagining the city of our dreams. The invitation said it plain: Play it up, go out on a limb.

No limitations, no preconceived notions, no calculations.

Three phases: first a SWOT analysis of Turin today and finding out the values of the city of our dreams.

Then a study on the physical city. Lastly, proposals and visions to position Turin in the world — and in the stratosphere.

Everything that was said in the two sessions was recorded. Due to the experimental and independent character of the project, it wasn’t clear what we would publish and in what format.

In the following months the Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini team transcribed over 7 hours of audio recordings, selected and edited the material. But only in June-July of 2015 did we have the chance to dedicate more consecutive weeks to Torino Stratosferica.

We started back from where we left it, we applied our proprietary branding strategy, defined the project, further edited the material, written new texts, created a lay out and shared it online.

  • A spiritual urban experience

    City of geographic wealth / The urban spiritual experience / Impacting visual experiences for every access point to the city / City of understatement and discovery / Ample choice of leisure activities in unexpected areas / Pedestrianise service roads / Close 100 junctions to traffic / The velo-city of cycle routes / A swiftly slow city / A city you experience with your body / City of inspiring beauty

  • The talent of cultivating

    An open-air city you experience with your body / Gardening school at the Botanical Gardens and Basse di Stura / Fragrant traffic island flowerbeds / Plants that measure pollution levels / Renovate the Colletta Park / The Canavese as the “Canapese”? /
    A large agricultural park from Castello Medievale to Italia ’61 / A city that consumes only the food produced in Piedmont

  • Where you shape your own future

    City of individual freedom / Meeting venue for different worlds / Gay capital of Europe / A baby-friendly city / Schools open at any moment of the year

    A city for an adult choice / Welcome pack for newly arrived students and workers /

    Welcome-back pack for the people of Turin who return to the city after years abroad / A city contaminated by new blood

First it was a Tease, a variation on the theme of Torino Strategica —the same musical phrase, with 2 notes out of 16 replaced by other 5, but a different melody— for us the Torino Stratosferica experiment is a commitment,

if not a necessity.

We believe that imagining the city is part of our citizenship, and we are aware of the contribution we can provide as designers: the Turin of our dreams is not out there yet, we need to make an effort. Leap ahead, as we are used to by trade: with a positive, open, rapid, clear-minded, and humble attitude, focusing on what moves around us. Without any trepidation to be leaping too high.

What is Torino Stratosferica, then? It’s not the Turin in which we live in today, but a metropolitan city living in the future. A horizon, a tale with witty, provocative undertones.

It’s a city that’s at last conscious of its potential —its many examples of excellence, opportunities, and resources we are aware of or should discover— and from this it gathers new momentum. A city that learns from other cities and embraces the best the world has to offer.

Torinostratosferica is a vision.

We wish for it to be shared as much as possible,

because the sense of a city depends on how its tale is told.

The good news is, we are confident that much can be done, if we just want to. The bad news is that as of now the Turin of today will no longer be enough.

So, chin up! Let’s all embark in the journey towards #Torinostratosferica.

  • Reclaiming the hill

    An extraordinary example of outdoor city / New co-working and production spaces on the hill / Ten venues above the Gran Madre line / Ultramodern landscape observation platform: ex. Le Corbusier Observation Deck in Superga / A cable car to the hill / Repopulate Cavoretto / Mad Pil and Borgo Po new creative districts / Tear down the Gran Madre to regain sight of the hill and Villa della Regina

Ideas, claims & boutade (part 3/3)

The city you experience with your body (ES)

The city of knowledge workers and working nomads (CC)

Justice (JCDM)

Traffic island flowerbeds, scent gardens (AV)

The city where plants measure pollution levels (NT)

A research centre on safety at Thyssen factories (ED)

A large agricultural park from the Medieval Castle to Italia ’61 (NT)

From car-centric to bike-centric: a city on two wheels (LB)

Capital of Social Housing and building experimentation (AV)

Total permeability between digital and physical (CC)

Museum of folly in the former Collegno mental institution (ED/AV)

The city of habitable artistic installations (ED)

The city that welcomes children at school at any time of the year (VM)

The city that eats only products cultivated in Piedmont (ED)

Everything electric or automated: the city of future mobility (CBV/ED)

An opportunity: from Canavese to “Canapese” (ED)

Sound installations in all urban parks (AR)

Underground heritage: historic and industrial archives (MDA)

Ramones Square: new toponomy to leverage tourism (AM)


The list is open. Pitch your idea for #Torinostratosferica

#Torinostratosferica = Torino at its best.


A collective experiment to imagine the city at its best.

No limitations, buyers, or preconceived notions. No feasibility studies.


A city branding and imaging project to build a vision of the city,

set in motion by our own desires.

















Ideas, claims & boutade (part 1/3)

The best alpine city of Europe (LB)

A unique example of outdoor city (ES)

The city of four rivers (LB)

The city of understatement and discovery (SM)

The city of inspiring beauty (VS)

The city with the best tax spending record in Italy (LM)

The ultimate contemporary city (FS)

The city that gives you the feeling to live as you wish (MP)

Capital of willful folly (LB)

The city of individual freedom (LB)

An urban spiritual experience (LB)

A city contaminated by new blood (FS)

A city of safe waters (ES)

Reclaiming the hill (LB)

A swiftly slow city (GG)

Beta city: city of prototypes and experimentation (AC/CT)

A baby-friendly city (LM)

A city mindful of the power of finance (EM)

Gay capital of Europe (CBV)

The knowledge attack in Italy (GG)


Ideas, claims & boutade (part 2/3)

Meeting venue for different worlds (MC)

Ultra-modern platforms to observe the landscape (LB)

The city that celebrates outsider icons (LB)

An equine monument to Nietzsche (FS)

A monument to Laura and Aldous Huxley (LB)

Pick 100 junctions and close them to traffic (AC/ED)

OGR and “Le Nuove” prison as the new dance clubs in the Turin scene (ES)

Pescarito, the most innovative clubbing hub in Europe (LB)

Tear down the Gran Madre to regain sight of the hill and Villa della Regina (BDA/LB)

Relocate the Gran Madre in front of the heating power station in Corso Regina (MC)

A visual experience for every access point to the city (LB)

12 skyscrapers and a large urban meridian (CBV)

The first Italian city to appoint a Chief Digital Officer (LM)

Gardening schools at the Botanic Gardens and Basse di Stura (AV/NT)

Welcome pack for those who move to Turin to study or work (LM/CT)

Welcome-back pack for those who come back to Turin after years abroad (LM/LB)

A city that knows what it wants and says what it can do (ED)

The city of gayety and laughter (FS/AR)

Inhabited by 25% by people from Milan (LB)


—The next steps



—The experiment

—A mission

—A vision


AC: Alessandro Cimenti

AM: Adriano Marconetto

AR: Annalisa Russo

AV: Andrea Veglia

BDA: Beppe dell’Aquila

CBV: Carlo Boccazzi Varotto

CC: Ciro Cattuto

CT: Caterina Tiazzoldi

ED: Eugenio Dragoni

EM: Edoardo Monaco

ES: Enrico Sola

GG: Giorgio Gianotto

JCDM: Juan Carlos De Martin

FS: Francesco Salinas

LB: Luca Ballarini

LM: Luca Morena

MC: Michele Cafarelli

MDA: Maria De Ambrogio

MP: Matteo Pericoli

NT: Nicolò Taglia

SM: Subhash Mukerjee

SP: Salvatore Perri

VM: Valentina Margaria

VS: Vladimir Soto

7 Brand Values /

The values of #Torinostratosferica













In diversity we trust


The good fortune of Torinostratosferica is grounded on personal freedom.

Freedom of thought and dream up a life project. A city that trusts in diversity and enables its pursuit with the same passion others pursue conformity. That’s why it attracts free thinkers, and the meeting between free thinkers engenders new ideas, it boosts impulses and visions — a proof that the purpose of cities is not to grow but to evolve.

A city that is free, joyful, and just, where contentment coincides with being.

The operating principle of a virtuous cycle


Speed is the principle that regulates a virtuous cycle.

A city that promotes the speed of thought and the capacity to focus, where efficiency is the consequence of a heightened capacity to listen and focus on what matters. The city becomes an organization run with clarity of mind, experience, and self-awareness: it takes decisions fast and with authority, based on  accurate and updated information.

Torinostratosferica is a swiftly slow city: it enables you to save time, and invest the time saved in life and culture, producing a slow-paced lightness.

Nurturing soils and souls


In its earthly quality and prosperous coexistence Torinostratosferica expresses two souls.

In the abundance of water, its gratitude towards nature, its savoir-vivre, the city opens up like an ideal oasis to nomads and frequent fliers of any ethnicity — for one day, one month, a lifetime.

A fertile terrain for a new home, a turned field where reality can measure up to aspirations, a peaceful community where values find breath

to blossom.

Torinostratosferica teaches us to take good care and preserve our emotional connection to the land, its food, and its culture.

A city for crazy diamonds


Focus and drifting off. Silence and chaos.

Stillness and brainstorming. Rigor and improvisation.

Newcomers to Torinostratosferica recognize at first sight a city where they can find full realization.

A city that celebrates visionaries, who enables talent to cut wastefulness, geniuses to find their order, and wild thinkers to find their followers.

Torinostratosferica is an invitation to strengthen one’s signal, day and night, and create visual, musical, and narrative wealth.

A leap forward to give back


Led by the charm of progress and well aware of the role of cities in the global market, Torinostratosferica is ambitious and competitive.

It raises the bets, sees its objectives, and knows how to reach them.

Assertiveness is the comeback to the splendid force generated by the great cities. For this reason Torinostratosferica is always ready to take the first step and leaps forward with courage and generosity, to return the benefits conquered to the community that shapes its heart.

Italy’s excellent R&D unit


Elsewhere they talk, here we act. Labs, workshops, factories, ateliers, newsrooms. They produce ideas, prototypes, experiments, models. With an extraordinary heritage of artisan and industrial know-how, Torinostratosferica attracts pioneers from all over the world to give substance to their intuitions. A contemporary city that turns away from the road most travelled, seeks out creativity in unexplored regions, and works without fear of missing the mark: its errors are the prelude to discovery.



The inspiring sense of the city


Established in a spectacular setting, Torinostratosferica elevates the spirit of the place, rousing a sense of wonder and the power of imagination. Rivers, riverbanks, hills, mountains, fields. The authentic geographical beauty gracefully returns to the centre stage of the urban landscape to offer never-before-seen perspectives.

In the union between nature and architecture, the city cyclically re-plans every corner of itself to give life to new encounters, mirages, balance. A wonder in evolution. An education on vision, blending quality of life and urban spirituality.



—Concept, name, logo: Luca Ballarini


—Editorial project, copywriting & graphic design: Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini


Editor: Luca Ballarini, Edoardo Bergamin, Chiara Bertetti, Veronica Cantono, Christian Corrent


Designer: Luca Ballarini, Alessio D’Errico, Simone Gatto, Cristina Ortali, Alice Tirinzoni, Barbara Villanova


—Photography: Michele D’Ottavio (except for Maps – BV / sheeps, hill, c2c at Mauto – LB)


via Regaldi 7 int 12/A, 10154 Torino / C.F. 97803230016

[email protected] / T +39.011.2478137


Torinostratosferica ®  — photography © Michele D’Ottavio


All the text content of this website may be reproduced under Creative Commons license attribution (attribution - noncommercial - no derivatives)